Connecting the City of Literature

With all the hard work involved in being our great City of Literature we sometimes don’t get to talk to each other or to learn from each other. Also, literature can be an outlier in general arts conversations. We are a City of Literature and we want everyone talking!  

Our belief is that the industry could benefit from opening up wider conversations and a major Office goal is to play a role in connecting these areas through the facilitation of initiative cross arts opportunities and providing subsidy programs for different conferences when they come up.


Small Press Network Independent Publishing Conference Subsidy Program


At present, we are offering ten (10) free places for the Small Press Network (SPN) Independent Publishing Conference on Friday the 11th November for anyone working in the Library sector.

Friday 11th November is the Trade Day of the SPN Conference, where there will be ample learning and networking opportunities with publishers from across the state and country. Throughout the day, experts will speak on issues such as marketing, publishing platforms, industry health, success stories, sales and more.

If you work in the library sector and wish to attend, please fill in this form. The following  form cannot be saved. We recommend you complete your application on a word document prior to transferring the information to the form.

Applications close on the 17th October.