Maximise Your Wordcount

Writers Victoria

Event Date: 
26 May 2019
Author / Presenters: 
Clare Connelly

You will learn:
how to free up the time you need in a day to reliably get words down
techniques to make sure you hit the keyboard ready to write and don’t sit there scrolling through your Facebook feed or disappearing down the research rabbit hole
what to do when you’re stuck in your manuscript (or, how to get the words flowing when they’re not cooperating) 
practical tips and tools to help you to write better and faster
and vitally, how to ignore that pesky inner-critic who so often makes us afraid of failing in our creative endeavours. 
About Clare Connelly
Clare Connelly self-published her first ebook in May 2014 and by the end of that same year was selling thousands of copies a month and earning a six-figure income. She had sold almost a million digital books before signing with Harlequin (Harper Collins) in October 2016 – and now writes as a ‘hybrid’ author, continuing to publish best-sellers as an indie as well as selling books through traditional publishing. She writes as full-time as a busy life with two young children permits, and loves to cook, eat French food and drinks far more tea than is good for anyone.