ONLINE WORKSHOP: A Tension to Detail: Narrative tension to create engaging stories and captivate readers

Writers Victoria

Event Date: 
22 August 2020
Author / Presenters: 
Kirstyn McDermott

This workshop will be presented online. Detailed instructions for participation will be provided.
Included in this course:
2.5 hours of information, education, industry insider advice, tricks and tips
An annotated reading list to provide context to your learnings
Writing exercises to help hone your craft and reinforce your new skills
1 hour interactive webinar for questions, clarifications, and skills extension
Personalised feedback from Kirstyn on a piece of writing up to 500 words 
Learning Outcomes
You will learn:
How to employ narrative tension to hook and pull readers through your story.
How to recognise, understand and use different types of literary suspense.
How to create tension through suspenseful character development.
How to keep the stakes high – for your characters and your readers.
Specific tips and techniques for creating narrative tension on the page.
Schedule for the Day:
10 - 11:15am: First webinar with Kirstyn McDermott
11:45am - 1pm: Second webinar with Kirstyn McDermott
3 - 4pm: Interactive webinar for questions, clarifications, and more casual instructions based on your experiences
500-word pieces to be sent to Kirstyn for feedback
About Kirstyn McDermott
Kirstyn McDermott has been working in the darker alleyways of speculative fiction for much of her career and her two novels, Madigan Mine and Perfections, each won the Aurealis Award for Best Horror Novel. Her most recent book is Caution: Contains Small Parts, a collection of dark fiction published by Twelfth Planet Press., Kirstyn lives in Ballarat and is pursuing a creative PhD at Federation University. She can be found online at
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