ONLINE WORKSHOP: Understanding Story Structure

Writers Victoria

Event Date: 
29 August 2020
Author / Presenters: 
Laurel Cohn

This workshop is designed for writers who have a partial or full draft of a work-in-progress.
This workshop will be presented online. Detailed information on participation will be provided.
Included in this course:
2.5 hours of guidance, information, and directed teaching 
Writing exercises to help hone your craft and reinforce your new skills
1 hour interactive webinar for questions, clarifications, and skills extension
Personalised feedback from Laurel on a piece of writing up to 500 words 
Schedule for the Day:
10 - 11:15am: First webinar with Laurel Cohn
11:45am - 1pm: Second webinar with Laurel Cohn
3 - 4pm: Interactive webinar for questions, clarifications, and more casual instructions based on your experiences
500-word pieces to be sent to Laurel for feedback
About Laurel Cohn
Laurel Cohn is a book editor passionate about communication and the power of stories in our lives. As a developmental editor she has been helping writers since the 1980s prepare their work for publication. She also works with publishers, businesses and community organisations, and is a popular workshop presenter. Laurel has a PhD in literary and cultural studies and publishes in the academic world.
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