Live-stream: Tom Porteous on Human Rights and COVID-19

The Wheeler Centre

Event Date: 
26 May 2020
Author / Presenters: 
Sally Warhaft and Tom Porteous

Tom Porteous is a former journalist for the Guardian and the BBC, and an expert on global conflict management and resolution. Now deputy program director at Human Rights Watch, he’ll join Sally Warhaft live from Paris to discuss human rights and COVID-19. 

The pair will talk through the existing tensions and inequities the pandemic has brought into sharp relief. They’ll discuss, too, the immediate human rights challenges – from healthcare access and healthcare workers’ labor rights to family violence, education access and prisoners’ rights, to increasing incidents of racism.

Porteous will also discuss post-pandemic life and the reasons for caution and optimism. What challenges can we anticipate, and mitigate, in terms of vaccine access? And could the post-COVID moment prompt a rethinking of social contracts, and an era of major public policy innovation?

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The Fifth Estate: Tom Porteous on Human Rights and COVID-19