Right Time: Why We Need an Australian Charter of Human Rights

The Wheeler Centre

Event Date: 
17 June 2019
Author / Presenters: 
Lee Carnie, Gillian Triggs, Teela Reid, and Kristen Hilton

This event is booked out but will be live-streamed – see below for details.

Australia is the only western democracy without a Charter of Human Rights or an equivalent legal protection. What’s holding us back?

For this discussion, we’re bringing together three panellists – Kristen Hilton, Teela Reid and Gillian Triggs – to discuss the push for a federal Charter of Human Rights. Hosted by Lee Carnie, they’ll outline glaring problem areas in Australia’s human-rights record and make a case for legally enshrined and protected rights for all Australians.

What can we learn from the existing charters in Victoria and ACT? What real-life and practical difference would a Charter of Human Rights make for everyday Australians? And, with successive Australian governments showing a sometimes lax attitude towards our international human rights obligations, what reason is there to believe that things might be different under a charter?

Join our panellists as they discuss what we owe each other, and ourselves, in terms of protecting our fundamental rights.

Presented in partnership with the Human Rights Law Centre.

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This event will be Auslan interpreted.

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Right Time: Why We Need an Australian Charter of Human Rights