Take It From Me

The Wheeler Centre

Event Date: 
14 August 2020
Author / Presenters: 
Jess McGuire, Benjamin Law, and Michelle Law

Take It From Me is back, and let's face it: you need it right now. 

Your lockdown love-life is terrible. Your hair is a mess, your hygiene is bad and – look – you're not exactly a prize at the moment, are you? 

That's okay! We’ll work through this together, using the tried-and-tested-but-definitely-never-independently-evaluated Take It From Me method. 

How does it work? Well, first you anonymously submit your romantic problems using this online form. Then, you tune in on Friday 14 August as our panel of experts puzzle over your love dilemmas and offer up their dubious solutions. For this instalment, host Jess McGuire will be joined online by siblings Ben and Michelle Law – and you can be sure that they are all totally unqualified for the task at hand. What could possibly go wrong?

Presented in partnership with Melbourne Writers Festival.