Sarah Schmidt: See What I Have Done

Yarra Libraries

Event Date: 
5 December 2018
Author / Presenters: 
Sarah Schmidt

Haunting, gripping and gorgeously written, See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt is a re-imagining of the unsolved American true crime case of the Lizzie Borden murders in which Lizzie was tried but never convicted of the murder of her father and step-mother, and the case remained unsolved. Sarah became obsessed with the Borden story after reading about it by chance in a second-hand bookstore and her passionate research has even taken her to stay for several nights in the Borden house.

For our final session of Writers and Readers in 2018, Sarah Schmidt discusses her riveting debut novel See What I Have Done with co-ordinator of Yarra Libraries Community Learning and Partnerships, Kylie Carlson.