Book Launch: Foliaje 1. Bilingual anthology of poetry and short stories.

A Voz Limpia

Event Date: 
14 June 2019
Author / Presenters: 
A Voz Limpia and Revarena Ediciones

A bilingual anthology showcasing the work of 12 poets and short story writers based in Australia and Mexico, writing around a common experience: Distance.

In a unique collaboration, A Voz Limpia, a Melbourne-based independent publisher and Revarena Ediciones based in Querétaro, Mexico have partnered to publish a special edition, Foliaje 1, a Bilingual Anthology of Poetry and Short Stories, in collaboration with Hola Melbourne! Festival of Latin American Culture and Ideas.

This will be the first public presentation of the book and will include brief readings from a selected group of writers included in the anthology.

Foliaje 1 is a publication that will showcase the work of 12 poets and short story writers based in Australia and Mexico, selected from the more than 40 submissions received between last November 2018 and January 2019. All texts will be published in the original language that they were written in and then translated into English or Spanish accordingly. Foliaje is a unique literary collaboration giving voice to many previously unpublished authors and creating international bridges for collaboration and exchange.

The anthology will feature 6 poems and 6 short stories from Australia and Mexico, all written around the theme of ‘Distance’, establishing significant links between two contemporary literary scenes and, furthermore, offering multiple views on a common human experience. Authors include: from Australia - Abraham Alejandro Dunovits, Gracia Baldovino, Abel Galante, Tresa LeClerc, Sharon Mo, Daniel Sacchero and Devika Pandit; and from Mexico - Uriel Hernandez Gonzaga, Adrian Ortega Iturriaga, Alfredo Lozano Reynoso, Haydee Iliana Munoz Velez and Rafael Volta.

Edited by Pilar Aguilera, Eyal Chipkiewicz and Alejandro Del Castillo and translated by Miles Hurrell, Angela Arias Sánchez, Marty Gleason, Raquel Barrio, Suzanne Robertson, Alejandra Ortiz Arenas, Maxi Blasic, Alejandro Del Castillo and Eyal Chipkiewicz.

Co-presented by Arts Centre Melbourne for The Kiln, a sector development program for Melbourne’s independent arts community to explore, hone and develop professional practice.

Part of the 2019 Hola Melbourne! Festival of Latin American Culture and Ideas organised 4Diverse with support from City Of Port Phillip and RMIT University.