Williamstown Literary Festival

Willy Lit Fest

Event Date: 
16 June 2018
Author / Presenters: 
Picture This - Big Ideas in Science

Interested in science, in art? Curious about comics, drawing, and how art and science can combine to tell great tales? Creativity, collaboration, comic style illustration, & sensational science come together with microbe mayhem and magnificent stories of scientific discovery. Great for young folk from around 9 up, teens, adults and anyone with a keen sense of curiosity!

Join Sarah L’Estrange as she wrangles a panel of wildly talented writers, illustrators and scientists who use the graphic novel and comic book style to bring science to life. Lorna Hendry and Bernard Caleo (How to Win a Nobel Prize written with Barry Marshall) together with Dr Gregory Crocetti and Ailsa Wild (The Invisible War – a Tale on Two Scales) will tell us and show us how they do it!

The Invisible War – a Tale on Two Scales. During WWI a war was waged on soldiers from both sides that was far more deadly than any military tactic.This indiscriminate killer slayed soldiers, nurses, victors and losers -- it was dysentery. The Invisible War delves into the battle between the body and the microbes that ran rife in trench warfare through the eyes of a nurse who went from carer to patient.

How to Win a Nobel Prize is a time-travel adventure for young budding scientists. Mary has always wanted to win a Nobel Prize. She loves running her own science experiments at home. But how can she become a real scientist and win the greatest prize of all?

Saturday 16 June 12.00pm to 1.00pm -- Tickets at www.willylitfest.org.au