Gunnas Weekend Writing Retreat

Catherine Deveny

Event Date: 
21 June 2019
Author / Presenters: 
Catherine Deveny

Our FIFTH Retreat!

TWO full days of boot camp writing with solo blocks, prompt exercises and other creative therapy. Brilliant food, great chats, nude swimming and amazing people. There will be surprises and treats. I want you leaving feeling loved up, special, relaxed and fired up.

There’ll also be some meditation or yogaish stuff and perhaps a guest speaker (so far our speakers have been Clare Bowditch, Nelly Thomas and Michael Lallo. All meals included. Transport not supplied. Good times guaranteed. I’ll announce more over the next few months but that’s part of the Early Bird deal. You take a punt and book and as all the fabulous updates go up you can smugly enjoy the knowledge you have locked in a place and you knew it was going to be fantastic.

Beginners are very welcome! All Gunnas Masterclasses/Retreats/Workshops are for all levels. Novice to professional.