Writing Retreat


Event Date: 
24 August 2018 to 26 August 2018
Author / Presenters: 
Blaise van Hecke

Whether your specialty is fiction (do you write short stories? or have a novel in the works?) or nonfiction (perhaps you want to write a memoir, a family or community history, a self-help or business book), you will benefit from this retreat's series of workshops. Content features theory and practice. So, yes, there’ll be exercises on the following elements of writing:

• voice
• sense of character
• sense of place
• dialogue
• point of view (POV)
• tense
• polishing the finer details
• structure, plot, and content – looking at how you break down structure, explore the use of plot
• character arcs
• what do you and don’t you include, and
• how to transcend those emotional barriers and get deep into authentic writing.

In the case of nonfiction we look at how to deal with incorporating real people and sensitive truths.

We then work shop an excerpt from your work and include a professional edit and assessment by one of our renowned editors.

We also look at why we write and what stands in the way of finishing your project?

Prose: getting into the nitty gritty of writing, and being educated on such things as filters, tautologies, expletive constructions, show don’t tell, exposition, and more!

Revising, Submitting, and Publishing: once your work is complete, how do you approach revision? How do you prepare for submitting? What are the differences between self-publishing and submitting to a commercial publisher?

The Wrap-up: a reflection on how to take everything you’ve learned and apply it.

This two-day program will transform your writing life. Join this small group at Karma Kinglake from 24–26 August 2018.

Your story is going to grow in ways that you cannot imagine and your life will open up to the unexpected.

You will develop and grow as a writer in ways you never could’ve possibly imagined.

Two intense days - 26-26 August 2018