Creating Compelling Characters (Castlemaine)

Writers Victoria

Event Date: 
28 September 2017
Author / Presenters: 
Sofie Laguna

In her workshop Sofie will focus on different ways participants can create compelling and original characters with engaging stories to tell. The workshop will open with a discussion about character where Sofie uses her own work as a springboard to stimulate ideas, and to encourage students to identify memorable characters in their own reading history. She will then use a ‘brainstorming exercise’ where the group works together to create a character and his or her world. Sofie will demonstrate that the answers to the challenges of plot, tone, structure and style often lie in knowledge of character.
Participants will be asked to bring a 500-word dramatic monologue to the workshop, written in the voice of one of their characters. All participants will be encouraged to read out the work and receive constructive criticism.
This tour is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and presented in association with the Castlemaine Children's Literature Festival.
You will learn
how to create/find characters
that character can give you plot
how to use detail in your work
techniques to help produce more writing
why some characters endure.
About Sofie Laguna
Sofie Laguna is an award-winning author of over twenty books for children. Her books for young people have been published in the US, the UK and in translation throughout Europe and Asia. Sofie’s first novel for adults, ‘One Foot Wrong’, was published throughout Europe, the US and the UK, longlisted for the Miles Franklin Award and shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s Literary Award. Her recent novel for adults, ‘The Eye of the Sheep’, was shortlisted for the Stella Prize and won the Miles Franklin Award.