The ethical wilds of writing memoir (about yourself and others)

Writers Victoria

Event Date: 
21 September 2019
Author / Presenters: 
Honor Eastly

Yet personal narrative remains an arresting and powerful tool to engage and change readers. So how do we best navigate the ethical wilds of memoir writing?
In this course we’ll cover the complexities of ethics in memoir writing for yourself and others. We’ll cover topics from “how do I make sure I’m not exploiting my personal story in the process?” to “how do I navigate a job interview when everyone knows I was recently in a psych ward?”
This course is designed for memoirists, as well as writers and producers working with subjects with lived experience. This includes documentarians, and podcast producers.
You will learn:
The difference between the personal story, and the curated personal story
How to avoid tragedy porn by creating agency in your characters, and how to make sure you’re not exploiting your own life story
How to approach informed consent, and the complexities around paternalisation and protection
Career and personal implications of writing memoir
Factors that make for a successful working relationship between producer and subject
Pro-tips for approaching contract and licensing of memoir work
About Honor Eastly
Honor Eastly is a writer, podcaster and professional feeler of feelings. She is the co-founder of The Big Feels Club, and has three hit-podcasts to her name, each wrestling with personal narrative and disclosure in different ways. Most recently, she partnered with the ABC to create the critically-acclaimed No Feeling Is Final podcast, about her own experiences of suicidality, which was named the #3 podcast of 2018 by The Atlantic. Her shows have been downloaded over half a million times, and have caused many awkward conversations with her family, and colleagues.