Lunchtime Bites: Empathetic Interviewing

Writers Victoria

Event Date: 
29 April 2021
Author / Presenters: 
Amy Maddison

You will learn:
Strategies and techniques for effective empathetic interviewing
Practical examples from a healthcare perspective on the need for sensitive and empathetic interviewing.
How to integrate person-centered designed into your interviews as well as the importance of self-awareness
Approaches to enable you to better understand another’s thoughts, feelings and behavioral responses
Interview tips, and the importance of asking the right questions the right ways.
About Amy Maddison
Passionate about storytelling, kindness and person-centered design, Amy founded her company String Words to provide workshops and storytelling services for health and aged care organizations. Collecting stories from residents, patients, families and staff, Amy uses these stories to assist services with educational and cultural change. Amy’s company has worked with Monash Health, Monash University, Hush Foundation, Gathering of Kindness, and Estia Health. Qualified in Theatre and Communications, Education and Counselling (Conferral 2019), Amy also works casually in research at a well-known university.