Mastering the Personal Essay

Writers Victoria

Event Date: 
18 March 2018
Author / Presenters: 
Lee Kofman

Some essays are short memoirs, siblings of short stories. Others are more discursive yet still vivid, offering viewpoints filtered through personal experiences and intimate voice; not lectures, but conversations. We’ll learn about different forms of personal essays, discuss how to find your themes, learn about structure (particularly how to begin) and, most importantly, practice finding and honing your essayist’s voice.
You will learn
about various forms of personal essays
to understand the concept of personal essayist’s voice
to identify your themes
some examples of structure
how to forge your own voice.
About Lee Kofman
Lee Kofman is an author of four books, including the memoir 'The Dangerous Bride' (Melbourne University Press), and co-editor of 'Rebellious Daughters' (Ventura Press), an anthology of personal essays by prominent Australian memoirists. Her short works have been widely published in Australia, UK, Scotland, Israel, Canada and US, including in Best Australian Essays. Her blog was a finalist for Best Australian Blogs 2014. She’s currently writing a creative nonfiction book to be published by Affirm Press.