Memoir or Fiction? The Dangerous Borderlands

Writers Victoria

Event Date: 
2 March 2018
Author / Presenters: 
Patti Miller

You will learn
How far from ‘truth’ is too far?
What happens if you lose the reader’s trust?
Which writers have successfully extended memoir into the territory of fiction?
How do you extend the borderlands and still retain the authentic voice of memoir?
About Patti Miller
Patti Miller is the author of eight books of fiction and non-fiction. She has published widely in literary and commercial magazines and papers including 'The Sydney Morning Herald', 'The Age', 'The Australian', 'Good Reading Magazine',  SMH’s Good Weekend, Spectrum and Travel lift-outs, 'The Guardian' (UK), 'Asia Literary Review', 'Island', 'Art Monthly', 'Southerly' and many more.