Summer School: The Art of Criticism - Giving and Receiving Feedback

Writers Victoria

Event Date: 
13 January 2018
Author / Presenters: 
Shivaun Plozza

However, opening one’s writing to the opinions of others is naturally fraught with difficulties – who to listen to, how to interpret what is said, how much feedback to incorporate, how to maintain ownership of your writing while still being open to changes.
This hands-on workshop provides a practical guide to negotiating feedback and offers writers a chance to workshop their own writing projects while learning the ins and outs of giving, receiving and interpreting feedback.
You will learn
the importance of seeking feedback for the improvement of your writing craft
how to evaluate feedback – what to listen to and what to ignore
how to give constructive criticism to others
how to interpret feedback when it seems ambiguous, conflicting or dense
how to apply feedback to your writing without diluting your authorial intent.
About Shivaun Plozza
Shivaun Plozza is the author of ‘Frankie’, a darkly funny novel about a troubled teen willing to defy her friends, family and the law to find her missing brother. Her second novel, ‘Tin Heart’, is due for release early in 2018. Other works have appeared in anthologies and journals including ‘Where the Shoreline Used to Be’, ‘ELLE Australia’, ‘Text’ and ‘The Victorian Writer’. When not writing, Shivaun works as a freelance editor and manuscript assessor.
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