Writers on Wednesdays: Getting Published in Literary Journals

Writers Victoria

Event Date: 
27 September 2017
Author / Presenters: 
Sam Cooney

Any aspiring writer would do well to understand exactly how these people function. Doing so can help your chances of publication, especially in literary journals, where so many of our best writers learned their craft and how to be part of a literary community.
You will learn
how a publisher/editor decides what to publish in a journal
the different ways a writer can have their piece find its way to be published
the process a piece goes through when submitted and accepted
tips and tricks for writers to better their chances of being published
how to find the right journal/publication/outcome for each piece of writing.
This workshop develops employment-related skills. This workshop will be Auslan Interpreted.
Sam shared his thoughts with us in a Q&A. You can read it on this website.
About Sam Cooney
Sam Cooney runs the not-for-profit publishing organisation The Lifted Brow, which produces a
quarterly literary magazine (also titled The Lifted Brow), publishes books, posts commentary and
criticism online every week, stages events, awards writing prizes, and more. He is publisher-inresidence
at RMIT University, teaches sessionally at RMIT and University of Melbourne, is a
freelance writer and book reviewer. He also judges literary prizes, sits on a couple of advisory
boards, chairs events, and in 2017 is taking part in the Small Press Network mentorship program
and the Australia Councils ‘Future Leaders’ professional development program.
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