Writing Place

Writers Victoria

Event Date: 
8 October 2017
Author / Presenters: 
Cate Kennedy

This workshop will deal with place and setting, and explore how place, particularity and attention to detail can enrich your narrative and its implications to truly engage your reader.
You will learn
•  how to use setting to anchor your characters in a 'potent' time and space
•  how to give dimension to your story's place- both physical ('real') and psychological (imagined)
•  to use place as a prism to manage metaphor and symbol without being heavy handed
•  to make the most of your own real life experiences to render place in your fiction
•  to think of setting and place in fresh and compelling ways to reinvigorate a floundering story.
About Cate Kennedy
Cate Kennedy writes fiction, poetry and non-fiction. She has won numerous awards for her work and her short stories are currently studied on the VCE Literature syllabus. She currently teaches on the Fiction faculty in the MFA program at Pacific University, Oregon, but luckily it’s low-residency, which means she gets to still live in Australia and give the occasional one-day workshop.