Dead Letter Club

Dead Letter Club

Event Date: 
26 October 2017
Author / Presenters: 
Melanie Knight

A backlash against Twitter, textspeak, emojis, tinder, like buttons and canned responses.

"A mash up of creative writing, mystery, parlour games and low commitment pen pals!"

What can be the result of removing ourselves from real communication?
We now express ourselves through this instant communication of clipart, GIFs, and lols?

Dead Letter Club is our answer.
"In an age like ours, which is not given to letter-writing, we forget what an important part it used to play in people's lives" - Anatole Broyard

 Sending a letter is the next best thing to showing up at someone’s door. Ink from your pen touches the stationary, your fingers touch the paper, your spit seals the envelope. Thoughts revealed through the flourishes and flow of the pen, the texture and lingering scent on the paper.

These evenings are in dedication to the written word through creative letter writing.

Come along, create a persona, and write a letter. Through our special delivery service you will correspond with an unknown person in the room!
NEVER FEAR! We have hundreds of prompt cards for those awkward moments of writers block!

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