'Two twigs' with Natalie Senjov-Makohon

State Library Victoria

Event Date: 
18 March 2018
Author / Presenters: 
Dr Natalie Senjov-Makohon

Learn about the journey two groups of immigrants made from Ukraine to Geelong in the 1950s and early 1960s.

State Library Victoria Creative Fellow Dr Natalie Senjov-Makohon tells the story of the community they formed, and their contribution to Geelong’s social, economic and cultural life over the last 70 years.

The talk will be followed by a light afternoon tea. Please book early.

About Dr Natalie Senjov-Makohon
Dr Natalie Senjov-Makohon is an academic researcher and experienced learning designer. She specialises in the use of emerging technologies in higher education and community settings.

Wheelchair accessible