Christine Yunn-Yu Sun - Chinese Reading Inspiration for Adults 成人中文好书推介讲座


Event Date: 
27 February 2019
Author / Presenters:,5

Christine Yunn-Yu Sun is a Melbourne-based bilingual writer, translator, reader, reviewer, journalist, independent scholar and publisher. In this event, Christine will share her own personal highlights of the Chinese-language books she has recently read for either work or pleasure. She will also discuss some of the global Chinese-language reading trends that have caught the attention of authors, literary agents and publishers worldwide. NOTE: Mandarin Language Session 孙运瑜是住在墨尔本市的一位中英双语作者,译者,读者,论者,记者,独立学者和出版者。在这次谈话中,她将分享自己最近在工作上和日常生活中读过和正在读的一些中文好书,并和各界读者讨论当前中文世界中的一些阅读潮流,足以吸引东西方各界作者,文学经纪人和出版社的注目