Slamalamadingdong! Open Slam featuring The Night Reverses

Melbourne Spoken Word

Event Date: 
24 September 2017

Slamalamadingdong is Melbourne’s premiere poetry slam, being the only slam in Australia currently PSI-certified, with three rounds and high-calibre nationally and internationally recognised feature artists that push the boundaries of spoken word. Slama usually runs on the last Thursday of every month, with slammers competing for cash, a published video of their work, performance opportunities and the chance to represent Slama at the National Poetry Slam in the United States each year.

The Night Reverses is a unique two-man show that remixes spoken word into a live music improvisation. Performing a selection of poetry, Nathan Curnow presents Geoffrey Williams with a high-risk challenge in front of a live audience. Upon hearing each piece for the very first time Geoffrey must immediately reply, riffing on the poem, freestyling it into a groove with nothing but vocals, a loop machine and the instinct he’s honed over the course of his international career. No show can be repeated. The improvisation at this gig will never be heard again.