La Mama Theatre

Event Date: 
16 June 2020 to 21 June 2020
Author / Presenters: 
Jim Daly

 The 80th Anniversary Tour (1940-2020) to Katyń Forest with Uncle Joe @ Friends

Welcome to Katyń!  A little son et lumière?  Join Stalina and her friends Hyby and Exy where the meaninglessnessless becomes meaningful.  Jim Daly, Green Room-awarded actor and Helpmann nominee, brings together a superb team of theatre-makers to visit the most infamously-ignored crime of the Twentieth Century.  Call yourself Aussie?  Didn’t know the Japanese bombed Darwin 64 times?  Ma-a…te!  For sure you won’t know how many times Uncle Joe dropped it, individually, on the Poles in 1940 and made Mummies.  Gesture and vocality get mashed.  Get invaded, see the force!  Obsession & grot.  Feel… the It. 

Writer & Director: Jim Daly 

Direction Consultant: Iain Sinclair 

Set Design: Peter Mumford 

Photography: Darren Gill 

Videography: Tatiana Doroshenko