Beyond Marriage Equality

The Wheeler Centre

Event Date: 
15 November 2018
Author / Presenters: 
Lee Carnie, Wilhelmina Stracke, Timothy Jones, and Aram Hosie

Exactly one year on from the announcement of Australia’s marriage equality post survey result, we’ll take stock of the state and legal status of LGBTIQ+ people across Australia.

The marriage equality vote brought a lot of romance and rejoicing – as well as a surprising number of heterosexual politicians lining up to claim credit – but the campaign period came at a significant emotional and personal cost to many LGBTIQ+ people, too. Has achieving marriage equality had any impact on experiences of entrenched discrimination within the queer community? And what does it meant that only two-thirds of Australians agree that marriage equality should be legal?

In this discussion, hosted by Lee Carnie, our panellists will chew over these questions and propose new frontiers in the fight for real equality for LGBTIQ+ Australians across all areas of life. How can we improve health care for queer Australians? What can we do for adolescent, and ageing, LGBTIQ+ communities and those in rural and remote areas?

Presented in partnership with the Human Rights Law Centre and the Equality Campaign

Drinks available for purchase on the night.