Drug Laws

The Wheeler Centre

Event Date: 
16 May 2017
Author / Presenters: 
Madeleine Morris, David Caldicott, Nicole Lee, Stan Winford, and Rick Nugent

Supply reduction, demand reduction and harm reduction are the three key tenets of Australian drug policy.

But these areas attract vastly different levels of funding, attention and reporting. Harm reduction strategies, in particular, ignite controversy and community anxiety. Today, we have only one safe injecting room (in Sydney) and no official means for pill testing at festivals around the country.

Recent studies indicate that Australia has one of the highest usage rates of illicit drugs in the world. Methamphetamine usage in Australia has tripled in the last five years and usage of MDMA and other drugs is surging, too. Despite copious media coverage, especially in relation to the ice epidemic, it seems there is little political appetite to change the status quo.

What’s working in our drug policy and what isn’t? What is the research telling us? What can we learn from other jurisdictions? Our panel will tackle these questions, and your questions, in a full hour of Q&A.