The Wheeler Centre

Event Date: 
4 June 2018
Author / Presenters: 
Hilary Harper, Eliza Henry-Jones, Molly Carlile, and Gregory Phillips

People die. When it’s those dear to us, we each carry the task of reconciling life and death – theirs and ours. Grief is the name we give to that often sad, overwhelming process.

So, how well-equipped are we to deal with grief – and what more could we learn about it? Do we have the right emotional skills and social contexts to express our own sadness, and to recognise that of others? Can loss help us grow, or should we simply try to ‘move on’? And when factors like high Indigenous mortality rates are involved, how do death and grief affect different groups in different ways?

For the second instalment of our Dead Calm series, Hilary Harper hosts an honest conversation about death and bereavement. With grief counsellor and author Eliza Henry-Jones, community health worker and ‘death talker’ Molly Carlile and medical anthropologist Gregory Phillips, we’ll enquire after more supportive and compassionate ways for people, communities, workplaces and governments to deal with lives ending.

Hill of Content will be our bookseller at this event.