Jeez Louise: Transplaining

The Wheeler Centre

Event Date: 
30 March 2020
Author / Presenters: 
Anna Piper Scott, Krishna Istha, Cassie Workman, Scout Boxall, and Chloe Black

Trans, non-binary and gender-diverse comedians and performers are standing up and stepping out. As the world evolves its understanding of gender identity, preferred pronouns and social norms, the rising number of gender-transcendent stars are reaching wider and more diverse audiences and garnering critical acclaim. 

To further interrogate, understand and celebrate their careers, Transplaining brings together an incredible panel of performers to share their stories from the page to the stage.

Jeez Louise was born in 2002 to encourage more women to get into comedy, and to support those already there. Over the past 18 years, women and LGBTQIA+ comedians have been welcomed onto stages and into writers’ rooms in increasing numbers – because their wit and skill makes great comedy. 

In partnership with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, we’ll discuss comedy’s potential to hold space for all comedians – and as a vehicle for speaking truth.

With Cassie Workman, Krishna Istha, Chloe Black and Scout Boxall. Hosted by Anna Piper Scott. 

Presented in partnership with Melbourne International Comedy Festival.