Most Underrated Book Award Edition

The Wheeler Centre

Event Date: 
17 November 2017
Author / Presenters: 
Toni Jordan, Ben Hutchings, Christina Kennedy, Susan McCreery, and Sam Cooney

Have you ever felt that The Next Big Thing should’ve been … well, bigger?

Australia’s small publishers are right there with you. Each year, the Small Press Network’s Most Underrated Book Award celebrates independently published titles that didn’t receive the attention they deserved. Previously, the award has been given to books such as The Cook by Wayne Macauley, A Wrong Turn in the Office of Unmade Lists by Jane Rawson, and Building Cities by Marcus Westbury.

For this upsized instalment of our Next Big Thing series – a part of this year’s Small Press Network Conference, and hosted by Toni Jordan – we’ll point you, dear reader, to books that deserve another look. (Don’t worry – we’ll bring the bar upstairs.)

Featuring writing from Ben Hutchings, Susan McCreery, Christina Kennedy and Briohny Doyle. (Briohny is unable to come along, so publisher Sam Cooney will read on her behalf.)