Soraya Chemaly: Rage Becomes Her

The Wheeler Centre

Event Date: 
4 March 2019
Author / Presenters: 
Soraya Chemaly and Amy Gray

Tired? Stressed? Women, you'll feel better on ... rage.

Women are taught from girlhood to suppress anger. But US-based writer and activist Soraya Chemaly believes embracing and channelling women’s anger is key to gender equality and freedom.

Her new book, Rage Becomes Her examines the subtle and not-so-subtle social mechanisms by which female anger is stymied and redirected throughout the course of women's lives. It also investigates the costs of this: to individual women, to particular groups of women, to all women and to all of society. It's a book that looks at parenting, reproductive rights, women’s health, #metoo and political participation – proposing anger as a potential tool for practical change.

Rage Becomes Her is a battle cry, backed up by meticulous research. Come to the Wheeler Centre in March, armed with pen, paper and a lifetime of pent-up personal fury.

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