Things My Mother Never Told Me

The Wheeler Centre

Event Date: 
9 November 2019
Author / Presenters: 
Aretha Brown, Ariel Levy, Bhenji Ra, Courtney Barnett, Clare Wright, Curtis Sittenfeld, Fran Kelly, Nayuka Gorrie, Maria Tumarkin, Mehreen Faruqi, Nicole Lee, Patricia Cornelius, and Raquel Willis

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Let’s hear it for mothers: the ones we choose, the ones who chose us, those who birthed us, mothers-in-law, step-mothers, foster mothers. There for us, before us, showing the way. But sometimes we learn as much from the absences and silences as we do from the considered advice and life lessons. All the guidance and care, rants and  sympathetic sit–downs in the world can still leave us unprepared for what life throws at us.

In a powerful evening of readings and performances, reflections and song, our all-star gala line-up will fill empty spaces in their own pasts with the conversations they wish they had and the things they needed to hear. This airing of unspoken truths may be funny, complicated, angry, vulnerable, messy, or tender. But they’ll all leave you vowing to speak up, over–share, and probably call somebody you love.

With Aretha Brown, Ariel Levy, Bhenji Ra, Clare Wright, Courtney Barnett, Curtis Sittenfeld, Fran Kelly, Maria Tumarkin, Mehreen Faruqi, Nayuka Gorrie, Nicole Lee, Patricia Cornelius and Raquel Willis.

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