Joining the Calendar

As we are a vibrant City of Literature, calendars fill up very quickly with dates of literary events of all kinds and different calenders everywhere. The City of Literature calendar is the one stop calender for activity across the City of Literature! It is user-driven so we invite you to add to its content.

The calendar’s event categories allow users to browse only events that are relevant to them. And with our reader subscription function, readers can receive event updates straight to their inbox as a digest, including only the events that best fit their interests. With 17 event categories and hundreds of keyword possible combinations, this now individualises the events users are alerted about. As an events organiser, this means that your event's are reaching the people who will find them of most interest. At present we have over 1000 people subscribed to this function.

When you upload your event, you can pick multiple event categories! Just hold down Ctrl and pick all the categories that are relevant - we do ask that you make sure they are relevant. Putting events into the categories they best fit means the calendar works as smoothly as possible, and makes it easy for users to navigate.

Please note, this website is an aggregator and isn't designed to be the only page for your event. It works best with a brief description and a link for people to find more. It cannot sell your tickets.

If you plan events that correspond with one of our event categories and feel that they sit within the "City of Literature" please go here to request a log in.