Open Call out for Writing

Writers – we know that many of you have lost regular and upcoming work due to the impact of Covid-19 and we are looking for ways to support our City of Literature community during this time.

To that end, we are looking to commission a minimum of 30 new new creative works of any genre and form. Please send us a one line pitch (maximum 50 words) describing your idea. We are seeking works that capture our attention, reflect the quality of Melbourne’s literary work, and are grounded in place; drawing upon Melbourne, wider Victoria and other Cities of Literature. Setting doesn’t need to be overt, but should be at the core of all works pitched. We are not looking for ideas/pieces that highlight, feature or relate to COVID19 (coronavirus) or stories about being in isolation or your verse novel "Quarantine" written on your last roll of toilet paper. 

All of this work we will use some time over the next two years. Some for readers here and some for readers in our Cities of Literature network. Have a look at what we've done previously and have a scan of what have published on our social media to get a sense of what you could ptich. We can't publish your novel, produce your play script or support a project that you have had fall over. Sorry. We also don't want preexisting work.

Please note this callout is only for writers currently resident in Victoria, Australia.  

Our team will be reviewing all pitches and accepting ideas that surprise and delight us. There is no set word length. All works pitched must be new and unpublished. We will  pay $300 for each selected piece.

Submissions will require writers to detail what work they have lost, as his open call oput is provide a little bit of help to writers (of all genres and styles) who have lost a regular gig or an extended range of one-offs. We are looking for ideas that capture us, and in particular work that cannot and would not be published by other platforms or publications.

In your submission, we request that you have a think about the ways in which your piece can be published, if it is a digital or audio work does it require an online platform? Think carefully about how your work can be presented. Think outside the box! Again, we want to be surprised and delighted. Remember we are the ones who wil use it. Don't suggest that it could be published by someone else.

Pitch your work here