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Fair Play Symposium: Equity, Inclusion and the Creative Industries

26 February 2019
The Wheeler Centre

How can the arts become genuinely inclusive and reflective of Australian society?

The Wheeler Centre Gala 2019: Crush

28 February 2019
The Wheeler Centre
Claire G. Coleman, Lawrence Leung, Sinead...

Awkward. Sweaty. Flushed. Euphoric. Crushes are like mini-Great Loves.

Soraya Chemaly: Rage Becomes Her

4 March 2019
The Wheeler Centre
Soraya Chemaly and Amy Gray

Tired? Stressed? Women, you'll feel better on ... rage.

Kassem Eid: My Country

5 March 2019
The Wheeler Centre
Kassem Eid and Sally Warhaft

In 2013, Kassem Eid narrowly escaped death when Bashar al-Assad’s government unleashed a now-infamous...

Carolin Emcke: How We Desire

6 March 2019
The Wheeler Centre
Carolin Emcke and Hannah McCann

‘There is as much difference between us and ourselves,’ writes Carolin Emcke ‘as between us and others’....

Sohaila Abdulali: Consent and Power

7 March 2019
The Wheeler Centre
Sohaila Abdulali and Jane Gilmore

‘We need to put responsibility where it lies, on men who violate women’ Sohaila Abdulali has written, ‘and...

The Future is Fungal

12 March 2019
The Wheeler Centre
Brian Pickles, Gavin McIntyre, and Vanessa Toholka

Mushrooms, it seems, have some uncanny properties.

The Age of Hostility: Investigating Internet Trolling

13 March 2019
The Wheeler Centre
Ginger Gorman and Jamila Rizvi

‘Don’t feed the trolls’ – it’s the conventional wisdom of the internet. But who are the trolls?

Mammad Aidani

14 March 2019
The Wheeler Centre
Mammad Aidani and Sami Shah

Mammad Aidani left Iran soon after the 1979 February Revolution.