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Making Waves: The Changing Shape of Australian Feminism

13 June 2018
The Wheeler Centre
Leena van Deventer, Nayuka Gorrie, and Dur-é Dara

What can younger Australian feminists learn from older feminists, and vice versa?

Nate DiMeo’s Memory Palace

13 June 2018
The Wheeler Centre
Nate DiMeo and Jon Tjhia

Nate DiMeo is the voice – and producer – of The Memory Palace, a celebrated storytelling podcast...

A Hypothetical Cybersecurity Crisis

14 June 2018
The Wheeler Centre
Ali Moore, Alastair MacGibbon, Tobias Feakin,...

What happens when critical infrastructure comes under attack, and risks escalate with each passing hour?...

The Full Catastrophe

15 June 2018
The Wheeler Centre
Rebecca Huntley, Sarah Macdonald, Maxine McKew,...

If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

PEN Lecture: The War on Journalism – How 9/11 Changed Everything

18 June 2018
The Wheeler Centre
Peter Greste

Since 9/11, the number of journalists who have been imprisoned for their work has risen steadily.

A Mind for Murder

19 June 2018
The Wheeler Centre
Donald Grant and Aimee Knight

What makes somebody a killer – and why are we so fascinated by murder?

Michael Mohammed Ahmad

22 June 2018
The Wheeler Centre
Elizabeth McCarthy and Michael Mohammed Ahmad

Michael Mohammed Ahmad is a writer whose novels explore Australia’s smouldering tribalism – found as much...

2018 Emerging Writers’ Festival Edition

25 June 2018
The Wheeler Centre
Emma Marie Jones, Odette Kelada, Sumudu...

New and emerging writers?

Oliver Phommavanh’s Storytelling Workshop

2 July 2018
The Wheeler Centre
Oliver Phommavanh

Are you a cHEwY gum gum, looking for ways to bring your wildest story ideas to life? Look no further!