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Reviewing and Literary Journalism

14 January 2019
Writers Victoria
Thuy On

You will learn
Some of the challenges facing contemporary book critics and journalists

Speculative Fiction

15 January 2019
Writers Victoria
Claire G Coleman

You will learn
The power of speculative fiction

Writing the Body

16 January 2019
Writers Victoria
Lee Kofman

You will learn
More about the concept of the body in general and in writing in particular

Show, Don't Tell

17 January 2019
Writers Victoria
Nicole Hayes

You will learn
What is “show don’t tell”?
When does it work, and when doesn’t it?

Writing and Advocacy

18 January 2019
Writers Victoria
Arnold Zable

About Arnold Zable

Experimental Writing

19 January 2019
Writers Victoria
Dave Drayton

You will learn
Harsh laws can craft a paragraph as art that’s rampant, sharp, warm.

Micro-Fiction: Making Every Word Count

20 January 2019
Writers Victoria
Richard Holt

You will learn

Deep Dive Interviews

21 January 2019
Writers Victoria
Michael Green

You will learn
How to prepare for, conduct and follow up on in-depth interviews

Poetry as Presence (Poetry Masterclass with Australian Poetry)

22 January 2019
Writers Victoria
Claire Gaskin

You will learn
How to read a poem
Writing process
Poetry appreciation