Mapping Culture: Lasting Stories

The Wheeler Centre

Event Date: 
24 March 2022
Author / Presenters: 
Alice Pung and Bec Kavanagh

How do we keep track of the stories that make up our lives? The repeated anecdotes among friends, the forgotten memories brought back by chance association, the family histories we’ve never heard before but that make so much sense when we do.

In another instalment of Mapping Culture, writer Alice Pung joins Bec Kavanagh and a special guest, whose work is featured in the exhibition, to discuss the way stories are told and passed on. In this interactive panel, writers and makers will share the stories they’ve collected and inherited, as well as the ones they’re currently shaping. Students are encouraged to bring along writing materials to work on their own stories during the experience.

This event will be followed by an introduction and visit to the Immigration Museum’s Becoming You exhibition, where participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the stories and moments that make up their own lives.

Presented in partnership with the Immigration Museum

These workshops are recommended for students in years 8-10