Midsumma Festival

Event Date: 
23 April 2021
Author / Presenters: 
Presented by: Hares & Hyenas

The night starts with a curated line-up of spoken work extraordinaires. They are cued and wooed by DJ Hip Hop Hoe, no novice at fitting her impressively wide style of music to the poetic word.

The middle bracket is an intimate open mic and spoken word artists of all styles, stages, sexuality and gender are warmly invited to register on the night. A break after each set sees DJ Hip Hop Hoe joined by fellow musical savant Kiarcher, who brings his own style of tune and chaos to the floor. He may or may not perform on musical instruments.

The final part of the evening is a purposely unpredictable spectacle of improvised sonic-phonic wonder.

All three sets are carried through by the magic of the Kiarcher and DJ Hip Hop Hoe. Throughout the night we offer you the supreme chill-out space where we will have music and more to soothe you further. The event is live streamed with special features for those online.