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Book Launch – My Brilliant Sister

Brunswick Bound

Event Date: 8 February 2024 04:30 PM to 8 February 2024 07:00 PM
Author / Presenters: Amy Brown
Event Venue: Brunswick Bound

Stella Miles Franklin, author of the autobiographical novel My Brilliant Career lived a bohemian life of travel, art and freedom. Not so her beloved sister Linda. Quiet, contained, conventional, Linda was a family peacemaker who married the man Stella would not, bore a son and died of pneumonia at 25. In this reflective, witty and revealing novel, Amy Brown rescues Linda, setting her in counterpoint with Stella, and with the lives of two contemporary women: Ida, a writer whose writing life is on hold as she teaches and raises her young daughter; and Stella, a singer-songwriter who has sacrificed everything for a career, now forcibly put on hold. Innovative and involving, My Brilliant Sister is a convincing and hilarious portrait of Miles Franklin and a moving, nuanced exploration of the balance women still have to strike between careers and family lives. Join us in the shop for a conversation between Amy Brown and launcher Emily Bitto to celebrate this exciting novel.

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