Seismic: Seattle, City Of Literature Release Party

Seattle is a City of Literature

Event Date: 
16 September 2020

12:00PM AEST

Join us to celebrate the release of Seismic: Seattle, City of Literature, a collection of essays that examines what it means for Seattle to be a UNESCO City of Literature.

Seismic is a collection that asks writers to consider what the designation means for our city, and how literature might be an agent of change.

Edited by Kristen Millares Young with cover art by Mita Mahato, contributors include Anastacia-Renee, Rena Priest, Timothy Egan, Charles Johnson, Ken Workman, Dujie Tahat, Wei-Wei Lee, Claudia Castro Luna, Jourdan Imani Keith, and Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore.