Ursula Dubosarsky: Do Teens Still Need Books?

The Wheeler Centre

Event Date: 
27 July 2020
Author / Presenters: 
Bec Kavanagh, Ursula Dubosarsky

'Read for your life!’ is Ursula Dubosarsky's official theme as the current Australian Children's Laureate. But recent reports have shown that an alarming drop in reading happens after children finish primary school.

How can secondary teachers support kids to become life-long readers? What hurdles do teachers typically face in terms of access to books, and access to a variety of books, when it comes to supporting reluctant readers? How does reading benefit teenagers - beyond the obvious educational benefits? Have COVID-19 and home-learning changed teens’ attitudes and habits around reading? And how can we present reading as an appealing activity in teens’ limited spare time? 

In this conversation and Q&A for teachers, hosted by Bec Kavanagh, Dubosarsky will talk about the role schools can play in helping teens build their own reading habits and find their own reading niche.

Presented in partnership with the Australian Children’s Laureate Foundation.

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