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Meredith Lewis

Event Date: 12 March 2024 08:00 AM to 12 March 2024 09:00 AM *
Author / Presenters: Meredith Lewis
Event Venue: Online via Zoom
Event Organiser: Meredith Lewis
Ticket Price: Free

“What we realize is that when we question authenticity, we value it even more.” – Peter Sokolowski Authentic was Merriam-Webster’s word-of-the-year for 2023. Why do you value authenticity? How does it (or doesn’t it) play out in your life? Authenticity has always been an important value for both individuals and communities. In our current post-truth media and social media landscapes, where dis- and misinformation run riot, the idea of authenticity has become even more important and fraught. And in our current society, atomised by these things and undergoing an ‘epidemic of loneliness’, the need to engage with each other authentically has become even more pressing. Join me for a creative conversation on the theme of authenticity and delve into what the word means to you. This session will have a selection of historic facts, literary quotes, and generative provocations designed to pique your imaginative, intellectual, and emotional intelligence and flex your creative cognitive muscles. About your facilitator: Meredith Lewis has over 30 years’ experience in the arts, university, and community sectors. As a transformative facilitator, she helps people to understand their experience of creativity and to develop a creative process. Meredith is focused on helping people to work in ways that are humane and generative of inspiration, learning, and resilience.

* This event is recurring

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