Be a Thief, Not a Mimic: Using your Influences to Create Compelling Stories and Characters

Writers Victoria

Event Date: 
5 March 2022
Author / Presenters: 
Beau Windon

You will learn:
Methods of idea generation to start new works.
Techniques for breaking through your writer's block.
How to use existing media to supplement your own creativity.
To make a formula of your own.
Inject your own voice into commonly told stories to give it a fresh take.
A way to have fun with your writing and start looking forward to hitting the desk/notebook/keyboard/voice recording device/quill and parchment
Please note: Thanks to City of Melbourne, there are several community places available for this workshop. Please email
About Beau Windon
Beau Windon is a neurodivergent writer of Wiradjuri descent based in Naarm/Melbourne. He writes quirky stories about quirky people with a focus on YA fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry. He has been awarded grants for writing projects by Creative Victoria and the City of Melbourne and has been published in Griffith Review, Archer magazine and Rabbit, among others. You can follow him on social media @WhoIsBeauWindon where he posts sporadically and deletes anxiously.
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