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How to build a heroine: Masterclass

Kelly Gardiner

Event Date: 21 September 2024 09:00 AM to 21 September 2024 05:00 PM
Event Organiser: Kelly Gardiner, New Page Writing Retreats
Ticket Price: $195 – $205

This masterclass is for any writer who wants to create an intriguing, unique, engaging character – protagonist, antagonist, sidekick, mentor … heroine. Modern fiction and especially genre fiction is filled with fabulous, feisty, funny girls and women making their way through the universe. Plucky girl. Cheeky tomboy. Wise crone. Chosen one. Cynical detective. Kick-ass babe. Geek girl. Amazon. Feminist iconoclast. And so many more – some beloved or reimagined tropes, some wholly original or experimental, some exploring the possibilities of gender, some breaking the world: all compelling. How do writers imagine them and bring them to life on the page? How do we make them more than archetypes or tropes so they burst off the page and into a reader’s imagination? This full-day masterclass with author and educator Dr Kelly Gardiner focuses on the creative decisions, strategies and practical techniques we can use to create irresistible and memorable fictional heroines, and stories that allow them to shine.

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