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Publishing Children’s Books

Writers Victoria

Event Date: 28 April 2024 10:00 AM to 28 April 2024 04:00 PM
Author / Presenters: Michael Earp
Event Venue: The Wheeler Centre
Event Organiser: Writers Victoria
Ticket Price: $220

So, you’ve written a book (or books!) for kids or young adults, but need to get your head around the industry? This workshop will provide an overview of all the parts that aren’t writing or illustrating. You'll learn how to research and approach publishers or agents, what to include in your pitch to show you’re knowledgeable, what to expect from publishers, the roles that booksellers play (along with how you can work with them) and more! You Will Learn: Best practice for researching and pitching. The mechanisms of your book from creating through to reader. The relationship between publishers and booksellers; booksellers and you. What you can do to give your book the best chance. What is in your control, and what you’ll need to relinquish.

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