Human Sounding

Bendigo Writers Festival

Event Date: 
15 May 2022
Author / Presenters: 
Andy Jackson, host Michael Leach

Poetry is an other way of using language, its precision and intensity giving form to ideas that are otherwise difficult to capture, teaming emotion with clarity to weight every word with meaning. Andy Jackson’s poetry uses all the capacities of poetic language to give voice to disability, in a collection that challenges all kinds of comfortable assumptions. He talks to Michael Leach about his search for poetic forms to embody his thinking, the people we meet in his poems, and about vulnerability in mind and body.

Tickets $20 full / $16 concession or multi-buy.

Sunday, 15 May 2022, 2:30 pm–3:15 pm

Strategem Studio, 10 Gaol Rd, Bendigo VIC 3550