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Lies, Damn Lies

Clunes Booktown Festival

Event Date: 24 March 2024 01:00 PM to 24 March 2024 02:00 PM
Author / Presenters: Matt Peacock, John Cook and Micaela Sahha
Event Venue: Clunes Booktown

With Fran Bryson in the chair, Matt Peacock, John Cook and Micaela Sahhar discuss misinformation propagated through the media, focusing on such vital issues as the Middle East situation, climate change and the concealment of toxic hazards. Matt Peacock first punctured the asbestos industry’s spin in 1977 with the ABC Radio Science Unit, later exposing James Hardie’s flight overseas in his book Killer Company. He’s been UTS Adjunct Professor, ABC staff-elected director and correspondent around the world; and worked widely with  Aboriginal and South Sea Islander communities. John Cook is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne, researching climate misinformation. He wrote and drew the cartoons in the book Cranky Uncle vs. Climate Change, and developed the Cranky Uncle smartphone game, which combines cartoons, and gamification to build resilience against misinformation. Dr Micaela Sahhar is an Australian-Palestinian writer and educator with a particular expertise in Western Media representation of Israeli assaults on occupied Palestine in the 21st century, and an interest in narrative appropriation. Her most recent essays are available in Overland and the Sydney Review of Books. Author of the travel-memoir In Brazil, Fran Bryson lives on Flinders Island in the treacherous waters of Bass Strait and is a Visiting Research Fellow at the J.M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice.

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