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Life Skills for a Broken World

Queenscliffe Literary Festival

Event Date: 8 March 2024 05:30 PM to 8 March 2024 07:30 PM
Author / Presenters: Dr. Ahona Guha

In the mood for another QLF pop-up event? So are we! On Friday March 8, International Women's Day, join QLF for an exquisite evening of conversation and canapés at Hesse Street's delicious restaurant Shelter Shed. An array of mouth-watering canapés will be served, followed by a riveting conversation between clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Ahona Guha, and award-winning journalist and author Jill Stark, exploring Dr. Guha's new book, Life Skills for a Broken World. How to best manage heartbreak? How do we cope with death? How to navigate anxiety and have hope? How can community-building mitigate the loneliness epidemic? These are the questions that Dr. Guha's new book explores. Despite decades of research into psychological health, science-backed answers to life's difficulties often seem elusive, and Dr. Guha's new book Life Skills for a Broken World is a frank, thorough, research-backed guide to navigating life's problems.
Dr Ahona Guha is a clinical and forensic psychologist. She works with victims of abuse and trauma, and clients with a range of other difficulties, such as anxiety, depression, perfectionism, burn-out, and relationship problems. She also works with perpetrators of harmful behaviours to assess risk, and provides treatment to reduce the risk they pose to others. Ahona is the author of Reclaim: understanding complex trauma and those who abuse (Scribe 2023) and her new book is Life Skills for a Broken World (Scribe 2024).
Jill Stark is a best-selling author, award-winning journalist, mental health advocate, speech writer and content creator, who was once described by a Murdoch columnist as a “social justice warrior straight out of central casting,” a badge she wears with pride. Her first book, High Sobriety: My Year Without Booze, was a Walkley Book of the Year finalist and was last year re-released as a ten-year anniversary edition, Higher Sobriety, documenting what happened next, for Jill and the drinking culture. Her other books, Happy Never After and When You're Not OK, document Jill’s hard-won lessons from a life-long struggle with anxiety, and offer hope and connection to anyone doing it tough. Jill is Scottish-born and Brunswick-based, and a proud child-free, single cat lady.

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