Modern Love - Is it Just Old News?


Event Date: 
17 July 2021
Author / Presenters: 
Yarra Valley Writers Festival

Dinner and conversation featuring Nardi Simpson, Christos Tsiolkas, Rick Morton, Michael Veitch.

The oldest love that exists is the love of country. Nardi Simpson talks country, connection and story.

In-conversation about Rick Morton's latest book - My Year Of Living Vunerably - Christos and Rick will will traverse love, grief, masculinity, PTSD and how it feels to be held - both figuratively and physically. A modern story about love that we will all be better for reading.

Speakers: Nardi Simpson, Christos Tsiolkas, Rick Morton, Michael Veitch & Tom Veitch 
Books: Song of the Crocodile (talk + song), My Year of Living Vulnerably, The Nightingale & the Rose
Publishers: Hachette, Harper Collins